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KinderPlay ELC acknowledges and respects the Wurundjeri tribe of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Owners of the land on which we learn.  We aim to promote an awareness of and respect for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in our service.

KinderPlay Early Learning Centre values respectful relationships between children, families, staff and the wider community. We work in partnership with families to respect each child’s culture and diversity whilst striving to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging learning environment.
欢迎来到KinderPlay 幼儿园教育中心。
KinderPlay的核心价值在于培养孩子对学习的兴趣。 我们的服务提供儿童学习有趣的课堂环境和互动式游戏, 激发和鼓励孩子们的创造性思维。

Kids Painting Class

FREE Kindergarten Program
令您 放心的 幼稚園

Our 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten programs and School Readness Program are designed to support children in preparation for the next step in their learning journey; primary school. We value every child as unique individual and a capable learner.  Each child has the right to be treated equally and with respect; regardless of race, culture, ability or gender.

我们的 3 岁和 4 岁幼儿园课程和学校准备课程是给孩子们为下一步的学习之旅“小学”做好准备。 我们将每个孩子视为独特的个体和有能力的学习者。 每个孩子都得到平等和尊重; 不分种族、文化、能力。

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“Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves."

Jean Piaget

Enrol now for 2023

KinderPlay ELC are taking some important steps to provide a safe working and learning environment for staff and children.  We are providing a smaller group with an impressively low student-teacher ratio.  Places are limited, so hurry enrol now. 


KinderPlay ELC采取一些重要措施,为老师和孩子们提供安全的工作和学习环境。 我们也提供了孩子与教师比例极低的小组。 名额有限,赶快报名吧.


8mth to 24mth

$130 Per Session


25mth to 36mth

$130 Per Session


3yo to 6yo

$120 Per Session

FREE Kindergarten Program 2023

3yo and 4yo Kinder

Monday to Wednesday 
9am to 2pm

Saturday Program

8am to 3pm

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"Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value."

It's a Bilingual Kinder. The teachers are very professional and they have designed diverse programs and activities based on the kids' individual needs in order to assist the kids in getting ready for primary schools. It's also great for my son to develop his Chinese skills, numerical skills and learn to interact with his peer group. Matthew is so happy to go the Kinder, even the weekend he wants to go as well!
Doreen and Ken are very professional and they give our families great considerations and It's a very caring environment, and family oriented Kinder Home!"

Lyn Toogood

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Napoleon Bonaparte

“Imagination rules the world”

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KinderPlay Early Learning Centre

303 Springvale Rd

Forest Hill  VIC 3131

Melbourne  Australia

03 9894 0901

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